Physical Address

125 South College Drive
Franklin, VA 23851

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 456
Franklin, VA 23851


Phone: (757) 562-2252
Fax: (757) 562-2287

“Mr. Scott and his entire team at the Cover 3 Foundation has been a blessing to our school and school division for many years.  As a result of the Cover 3 Foundation’s afternoon feeding program, our students are being provided well balanced healthy meals to nourish their bodies so that we can educate their minds.  A collaborative approach to providing our youth with the knowledge, skill-set, and experiences is the way to prepare them for the 21st Century! Cover 3 Foundation and Sussex County Public Schools truly work together as a team.  We want to again thank Gregg Scott and his Cover 3 Foundation team for a job well done!”