Cover 3 foundation initiatives and networks

sharing our resources

​In an effort to build community networks of like-minded families to inspire and motivate our community, Cover 3 Foundation focuses on two major initiatives. 

reach.teach.feed network

The purpose of C3's Reach.Teach.Feed Initiative is to motivate and inspire children and families to "Eat Smart" through nutrition education and awareness. ​As a member of Reach, Teach, Feed, you will join a community network of people who are passionate about helping our children become educated about the food they eat.  Learn more about Reach.Teach.Feed and join the network today!

c3's future fathers network

Our objective is to create a culture of leadership, tolerance and acceptance through relationship building and by supporting fathers in their mission to set positive examples for their family and community. Additionally, the Foundation seeks to provide positive role models and father figures to children growing up in a fatherless home, in poverty or oppression. More information on C3's Future Fathers Network to come!

Cover 3 Football LEague

youth Flag, Tackle and Cheer

The Cover 3 Youth Football & Cheer League was discontinued at the end of it's 2015 season. 

C3's future fathers

reaching and teaching youth

C3's Future Fathers Program is designed to transform young men into positive leaders of their community and family. It is our belief that every young man grows into a father, leader, or mentor to others; positive or negative. The main goal of this program is to develop the proper character skills and life skills adolescent males need to positively affect others through activities, workshops, and training for mentors, fathers and sons. 


C3's Kid's meals

after-school and summer 

2010, Cover 3 Foundation implemented a Kid's Meals and Snack Program. This program exists to provide nutritious snacks and meals to all children in after-school programs, summer feeding sites and while school is out during the year throughout Southampton County, Greensville County, Sussex County, Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Emporia, Petersburg and the City of Franklin. To date this is our largest program, reaching nearly 3,500 children every day.