angela jones

"I feel that the program is a great way for young adults to be introduced into the work environment. The program allowed my daughter to learn the importance of arriving to work on time. She also learned how to get along with her co-workers. She learned having a stress free work environment contributes to getting the job done in a timely matter.
Most importantly she learned the value of saving. By working all last summer and putting majority of her check into a savings account helped her to purchase school supplies and other things she needed for her college dorm room, such as a refrigerator and a computer. I feel that this is a great program because it gives young adults the opportunity to give back to their community. So many kids are not getting a balanced meal especially during the summer. I will recommend to all parents who will want their children to work in a safe learning environment to try The Young Philanthropists Program at Cover 3."

​- Angela Jones, Parent, Boykins VA

erika frick

​​"It is obvious that Greg Scott and his staff cares about the kids. He gave them words like "discipline" to look up and define as homework and really stressed the importance of committing and working hard to achieve goals. My son had a blast.”

- Erika Frick, Parent, Fredericksburg VA

jean stephenson

"I commend Cover 3 Foundation for their work and understanding that great goals are achieved first by small achievements. Join their passion of assisting families wherever there is a need and allow our neighborhood families the opportunity to begin to achieve their goals. I am proud to be working with them in multiple capacities to help the families and children of Southampton County and the City of Franklin"

- Jean Stephenson, Southampton County Social Services

Rob carter

​​"Cover 3 Foundation is youth oriented. I also think that they have the type or organization to make the football league better."

​- Rob Carter, Former Commissioner Franklin Little League Football

darnessa allen

"The Cover 3 Foundation has provided structure and growth for my son, Jeffrey. He learned the importance of work ethic and giving back to the community in which he lives. Each day he was excited about working. He got up early each day and looked forward to going to work. He prepared meals for various sites and also helped to deliver them. He set goals for himself to make purchases for his upcoming school year. Jeffrey learned that timeliness and good work effort rewarded him with a paycheck. He also made friends while at Cover 3 Foundation. My son became an independent young man in what seemed to be overnight. I love this program and I hope that they will continue to help young philanthropists reach their goals in life."

​- Darnessa Allen, Franklin VA  ​

Demone' Brickhouse

“Cover 3 Foundation is a great organization and I wanted to be a part of it to give back to my community. I will remember the hard work. But without it I would have never been able to see what it takes to be successful. I will also remember the fun times that I had and meeting new people. Hopefully some of those people will turn into long term friends.  I am grateful to Mr. Scott for all he has taught me."

​- Demone' Brickhouse, Freshman, Virginia State University

Julius hamlin

"Mr. Scott and his entire team at the Cover 3 Foundation has been a blessing to our school and school division for many years.  As a result of the Cover 3 Foundation's afternoon feeding program, our students are being provided well balanced healthy meals to nourish their bodies so that we can educate their minds.  A collaborative approach to providing our youth with the knowledge, skill-set, and experiences is the way to prepare them for the 21st Century! Cover 3 Foundation and Sussex County Public Schools truly work together as a team.  We want to again thank Gregg Scott and his Cover 3 Foundation team for a job well done!"

​- Julius L. Hamlin, Principal, Sussex High School

Paula Potter

"The Suffolk family YMCA has used the services of Cover 3 Foundation for three years now. They offer a great service by providing meals and snack to our after School participants. They make sure every child receives a healthy meal and snack daily and provide wonderful customer service.  Children in our program would not be receiving healthy meals, if it wasn't for the help of the Cover Three Foundation.  The foundation is very knowledgeable about nutrition and helps us count carbohydrates for those children with nutritional needs such as diabetes."

​- Paula Potter, Childcare Director

Suffolk YMCA

rick matthews

"I have true and heartfelt gratitude to Greg and the staff at Cover 3.  C3's Kid's Meals being offered at our facilities has been a program that has deeply impacted many lives in a positive way on many levels.  Cover 3 Foundation's commitment to excellence, their quality/nutritionally based food, their diligent food preparation, their professional staff, and their desire to serve those who may not be able to serve themselves is evident in everything they do. I am thankful for all the hard work, dedication and commitment to serving kids and families.  I look forward to continuing our partnership with Greg Scott and his your team, changing the quality of kids and families lives every day."

​- Rick Matthews, VA District Vice President  ​

autumn vick

“ Working in the Young Philanthropist program for Cover 3 Foundation made me appreciate the things that I have and has made me further want to help children in need. My most memorable experience was the connection that I made with the children and seeing them smile when they got their favorite snack”

- Autumn Vick, Freshman, Daytona State College